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Playing with Creativity – Journaling, Doodling and Making Art: Part 2

28 Apr 2018



Everyone has the capacity to be creative. If you are interested in ideas to help you develop a daily creative habit, this course is for you.

It will help you to release your creative side, to experiment and be more playful using materials such as inks, pens and crayons to discover new marks and textures and ways of using and seeing the ordinary things around you, as inspiration to express who you are.

Switching on your creative side helps you to become more mindful and self-aware, and keeps you in the moment, treasuring the important things in life, the small family moments and milestones. This has been proven to have significant benefits for health and well-being.

This session will be different to Part 1, so ideal for those wanting a second filling of Clare’s Journaling workshop. Those who did not attend the first session are still welcome to come along.