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The Vegetable Nannies

28 Mar 2018

Family Friendly

Just two gardeners taking their young vegetables out of the ground for some fresh air and a walk..

If you see an old pram brimming with beautiful bouncing baby vegetables, come over and say hello; the Vegetable Nannies could always use a few extra hands in feeding and taking care of their veggie family, including Beverly the cabbage, David the acting marrow, and Jessica, the award-winning sweet potato beauty queen.

Wonky, playful and always engaging, let little ones roll up their sleeves and get stuck in, befriending, petting, feeding and comforting all manner of earthen toddlers.

Places for The Vegetable Nannies are free, but limited.

If you have any specific access needs for this performance, please contact team@backtoours.co.uk.