Penguin Chick at The Deep

New Penguin arrivals at The Deep

The first chick arrived on 14 June to parents Brian and Diane. Shortly after laying her eggs, Diane vacated the nest and paired with another penguin, so the decision was made to foster the egg out to experienced parents Nessie and Shackleton. This chick weighed just 90 grams at birth, but has grown to a whopping 2kg since its arrival.

Diane subsequently paired with Rapha, resulting in a further chick being born on 11 July. The second chick weighed 90 grams and is being cared for in the nest by the parents. The parents are taking turns feeding the juvenile, who in just four days has grown to 176 grams. Penguin eggs hatch after a 34-37 day incubation period.

The Deeps experienced team of Aquarists are keeping close eye on the chicks’ development, carrying out regular weight and health checks to ensure the parents are doing their job properly.

The chicks remain in the nest for first month underneath the parents. As time goes on, the parents start to move off the nest for short periods of time but still come back to feed. After three months have passed the chick fledges the nest after moulting their soft downy feathers. At this time, they will grow their waterproof feathers and will be able to swim, become independent and no longer rely on the parents for food.

Following this moult, the keepers will be able to determine the sex of the chick from the DNA of their feathers.

A Different View Winchester floor panel (Solent News & Photo Agency) 1920

Hull Minster is to host a must-see exhibition of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel masterpiece.

“Michelangelo – A Different View” is coming to Hull Minster from October 8 to November 18 – one of only two UK venues to host it – after touring major European cities, including Copenhagen, Prague and Amsterdam.

Officially licensed by the Vatican Museums, the stunning exhibition will allow visitors to view superb reproductions of the elaborate paintings of the Florentine master from a distance of only two metres, with no time constraints, meaning they will be able to appreciate fully their beauty and fine detail.

It will be the only opportunity for people across the North of England to see Michelangelo’s work, so it is expected to be hugely popular and draw visitors from far and wide.

Hull Minster has made the exhibition free to enter to enable as many people as possible to experience Michelangelo’s genius up close, but is asking visitors to show their appreciation by donating what they can to support the church’s vital work supporting some of the most vulnerable members of the community.

Bishop Frank White, Interim Minister of Hull Minster, said: “It’s a very great privilege for Hull Minster to host an exhibition of such celebrated artwork, which can usually only be viewed in Rome.

“It’s also wonderful that a building as ancient as the Minster is able to host an exhibition of paintings which hold a timeless and universal appeal. It represents a coming together of key expressions of Christian faith through art.

“Modern technology has enabled Michelangelo’s centuries-old masterpiece to be effectively transported hundreds of miles to be enjoyed here in Hull and we’re looking forward to welcoming thousands of people into the Minster for a very special experience.”

The concept for the exhibition came from producers Thomas Ebel and Christina Marotzke, of German company Exhibition 4 You (E4Y),  who wanted to take the Sistine Chapel frescoes “down from the ceiling”.

They sought a way of making the magnificent artwork more accessible to the general public and received enthusiastic support from officials at the Vatican Museums to make their idea a reality.

To create the exhibition, the E4Y team and the Vatican Museums worked together to produce high resolution versions of photographs taken of the frescoes in the 1990s and transfer the images onto special fabric webs to create highly-detailed display panels. This technique allows a true-to-life reproduction of the paintings and gives visitors an otherwise impossible close-up view of Michelangelo’s brushwork.

By separating the paintings into a series of panels, the exhibition allows art lovers to study closely individual elements of the overall artwork and specific aspects of Michelangelo’s artistry.

It means that, for the first time, the elaborate reproductions allow visitors an intimate closeness to the magnificent frescoes of the Florentine genius – a privilege only a handful of people have enjoyed before the “A Different View” exhibition was created.

Previously, visitors to the Vatican Museums in Rome have only been offered an overall impression of the frescoes on the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The works are 22 metres above visitors’ heads, making it impossible to admire the work in all its splendour and detail.

Now, far away from the enormous streams of sightseers at the Sistine Chapel, visitors to Hull Minster will have the opportunity to take in the breathtaking paintings at their leisure.

Thomas Ebel said: “Our reproductions do more than justice to the original frescoes – not only in their size, but also in their surface texture. Visitors to the exhibition are stunned both by the beauty of the works and the almost tangible details.”

In 1508, Pope Julius II commissioned sculptor and painter Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni – known simply as Michelangelo – to paint the huge ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Michelangelo and his assistants spent four years on scaffolding under the vaulted ceiling creating his astounding Renaissance masterpiece. Faced by the challenge presented by the chapel’s architecture, he developed unique painting techniques, setting new standards for future generations of artists.

Michelangelo was originally commissioned only to paint the 12 apostles, but persuaded the Pope to let him depict scenes and individuals of his own choosing. Consequently, the chapel is peopled with more than 300 characters from the Bible.

The work was completed in 1512 and has been adored by artists across the world for more than 500 years as well as being admired by four million visitors each year to the Sistine Chapel.

The complex artwork includes the most famous painting of them all – the “Creation of Adam”, a depiction of God giving life to the first man – which forms part of the new exhibition. Another major attraction is a spectacular six metres square reproduction of Michelangelo’s “The Last Judgement”, which covers the whole of the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel.

Securing the breath-taking exhibition is a major coup for Hull Minster, which has become an iconic, multi-use venue, community and cultural hub as a result of a transformational development project.

The exhibition has just begun its UK preview in Winchester, Hampshire, where it is on show at three venues across the city until September 29, before arriving into Hull Minster for its October opening.


Lost Voice Guy – Lee Ridley is set to headline the LOL Comedy Club at Hull City Hall.

The Britain’s Got Talent winner 2018 may not be able to talk, but he definitely has something to say, and his comedy will leave you speechless when he plays the Mortimer Suite on 19 July.

The Newcastle funny man, whose cerebral palsy affects his ability to speak, was the first comic ever to win the show. His hilarious routines are delivered entirely through an iPad app using a speech synthesiser.

While disability and living with cerebral palsy are central themes to his act, Lee’s stand-up covers a breadth of topics from roasting the political establishment to the welfare system.

Also playing for laughs are comedians Scott Bennett, Morgan Rees, and Jed Salisbury.

After starting comedy in late 2009, Scott Bennett has established himself as one of the rising stars on the UK circuit, with wry observations on the absurdity of modern living.

Softly spoken Welsh comedian Morgan Rees boasts a densely packed arsenal of impressive one-liners and hilarious short stories.

Jed Salisbury is a high-energy, jolly young man with a warming charm and an innate sense of funny, mixing mischievous crudeness and belly-laughing cheekiness in a truly unique act.

Classics in the park

5 things to do in Hull this weekend

However, think positive and get yourself down for an evening of outdoor classical music and head for an open gardens event in one of the city’s most popular neighbourhoods. And if the weather fails, join us for one of our favourite after-hours parties under an arcade roof.

Here are 5 things to do in Hull this weekend.

1. Classics in the Park
Saturday 6 July 5.30pm-11pm
Hymers College
From £21

A perfect outdoor event for summer’s evening and the chance to watch the Classics Concert Orchestra joined on stage by two amazing voices from Opera North and internationally acclaimed singer Jonathan Ansell. Beautiful yet popular classics will culminate in a spectacular firework display. Visitors can take a picnic or enjoy food sold at the event, bring a bottle or buy from the bar. Get tickets and details here.

2. Journey to The Centre of The Couch (Couches & Other Good Ideas)
Until Sunday July 7 10am-6pm
Humber Street Gallery

Journey To The Centre Of The Couch (Couches & Other Good Ideas), courtesy of Humber Street Gallery and Ella Dorton.

Journey To The Centre Of The Couch (Couches & Other Good Ideas), courtesy of Humber Street Gallery and Ella Dorton.

Hull-based artist Ella Dorton expands her fabric collage-based practice with her first major project at the gallery. She typically uses found fabrics, old clothes, bedsheets, curtains and paint to compose portraits that reflect the people of Hull. She recently explored fictional future landscapes that capture drastic ecological change with rising sea levels and continued use of plastics. Get more details here.

3. After:Hours
Saturday 6 July 5.30pm-10.30pm
Paragon Arcade

After:Hours at Paragon Arcade is on the first Saturday of every month.

This arcade of some of the city’s best independent retailers comes alive after 5pm on the first Saturday of every month, with coffee shops turning into cocktail bars, delis turn into fast food outlets and shops hosting DJs. The arcade is closed off for the event with everyone spilling into the centre to enjoy a fantastic evening of live music, acoustic bands, galleries and one-off workshops. Get more details here.

4. Avenues Open Gardens
Sunday 7 July 1pm to 5pm
The Avenues

The Avenues in Hull.

The Avenues in Hull.

This urban open gardens event takes place in the HU5 area of Hull on the first two Sunday afternoons in July every year. It is thought the event was first held in 1976 – and it is perhaps the biggest inner city open garden event in the UK. Around 50 private gardens plus allotments will be opening, offering something of interest to every gardener. Proceeds are donated to charities, with at least 50 per cent given to Dove House Hospice. Learn more here.

5. Summer Proms with Black Dyke Band & EYMS Band
Saturday 6 July 7.30pm-10.30pm
Hull City Hall
From £12

Hull City Hall.

Summer Proms with Black Dyke Band & EYMS Band will return to Hull City Hall.

This popular event returns to the Hull City Hall as two of Yorkshire’s top bands come together again in a packed programme of music for all ages perfect for a summer evening culminating in a massed bands selection of proms favourites. Get tickets here.

Hull Minster archaeology

Exciting archaeology paves way for Hull Minsters future

Archaeology work has begun as the prelude to an exciting new extension to house a visitor and heritage centre at Hull’s historic Minster.

A £3.9m grant from Highways England is enabling Hull Minster to realise its ambitions to build the glass, bronze and stone extension on the 700-year-old church.

The extension will include exhibition spaces, a café and other new visitor facilities and will lead into a “heritage corridor” within the Minster, creating a home for carefully-curated exhibits about the history of Hull and the central role the church has played in it.

Now, a team from Humber Field Archaeology has started work to carefully excavate, record and reinter human remains into the Minster’s crypt, ensuring they are respectfully moved and not affected by any construction work for the new centre.

Over the coming months, the archaeology team is also planning to establish the extent of early structural remains on the site, including brick-built foundations, which were first discovered on the south side of the church in 2015 and could date back to the early 14th century.

The structural findings will also be meticulously recorded before construction of the centre begins, ensuring piling work does not affect the early foundations.

It is hoped the visitor and heritage centre will be complete and open to the public by mid-2021.

Bishop Frank White, Interim Minister at Hull Minster, said: “We are thrilled the archaeological work has now started and we are going to find out all kinds of things we didn’t know about the foundations of the Minster.

“I will be interested to see what the latest discoveries are and how they feature in the story of faith and life in the city. We are dealing with the history of people and we do that with respect and gratitude for everything we have inherited from the past.

“Everyone is very positive about the generosity of the grant from Highways England and the work we are able to do as a result of that, and there is a real buzz of anticipation around the change in this part of the city.

“The visitor and heritage centre will be a place for people to come and meet, view history and artefacts, and enjoy a fabulous space in the centre of Hull where people have been worshipping for 700 years.

“We believe people will be thrilled when they see what will be built here and how well it will blend with the Minster, as a contemporary space which is absolutely appropriate for the needs of the time we are living in.

“We want to do the best we can to enhance the community and reflect the glory of God.”

Announced earlier this year, the grant from the Highways England Environment Designated Fund is linked to the proposed A63 Castle Street scheme, which passes just 100 metres from the Minster. This major project is designed to improve access between the Port of Hull and the national road network via the city centre.

The grant has been awarded to the Hull Minster Development Trust, which has led the transformation of the Minster over recent years to enable it to host flexible and inclusive forms of worship and a wide range of social, cultural and community events.

The fund is designed to protect historic features in areas near to major roads, helping them to be harmonious with their surroundings, and will enable the completion of the Minster’s £4.5m development project and much more.

As well as the visitor and heritage centre, the improvements will include an education and learning centre, disabled access ramps and accessible toilets, a modern electrical system, and a community garden providing homegrown fruit and vegetables for the café. The changes will safeguard the Minster’s heritage for future generations, creating a sustainable future for the church as a place of worship, focal point for the community and magnet for visitors.

Ken Steedman, Project Manager at Humber Field Archaeology, said the team was expected to be on site for 16 weeks.

He said trial excavations carried out on the south side of the church in 2015 had encountered a number of substantial brick-built foundations representing an early and previously unknown phase of the church, probably dating to the early 14th century. Archaeologists also recorded fragments of a grave marker from the 13th or 14th centuries.

He added: “The present work provides an extraordinary opportunity to further examine these early structures and to more fully establish their date, survival and extent, with the potential to contribute a great deal to knowledge of the history and development of this important church, a Grade I listed building of national significance.”

Matthew Armitage, Highways England Project Manager, said he hoped the grant would help the Minster build on its growing success as hub for the community, venue for cultural and social events and visitor destination.

He said: “The great thing about our Designated Fund programme is that we can grant money for projects outside of our traditional schemes, helping protect historic features in areas near to our major roads.

“It’s now been around year since we were first got involved in the Minster’s development project and it’s really exciting to see archaeological work underway.

“The grant for Hull Minster will transform the church and I think people will be very excited by what they see at the church in the future.”

Stephen Hendry


  1. Stephen Hendry, The King of the Crucible, will be playing in the ROKiT World Seniors UK Snooker Championship at the Bonus Arena in October.

The game’s most decorated player already boasts five UK Professional Snooker Titles on his CV and will be looking to add the Seniors Crown to the list.

With Jimmy White, Dennis Taylor, John Parrott and Cliff Thorburn already confirmed, and a new face in Thailand legend James Wattana also in the field, it’s going to be another great few days on the green baize.

The ROKiT World Seniors UK Snooker Championship came to Hull for the first time in 2018 and proved to be a massive success. Organisers signed up to return to the city for a further two years following on from the support from local snooker fans.

Six sessions will take place over two days with matches taking place at 10am, 2.30pm and 7pm on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th October. Ticket prices start from just £8 each (booking fees apply).

Stephen Hendry starts his campaign on Thursday 24th October at 7pm. His arch rival from the 90’s Jimmy White plays earlier that afternoon, making it a great occasion for all snooker fans who want to see these legends in action.

It is again hoped the tournament will be broadcast across Europe live on TV and also in China.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe at Hull Truck Theatre

Experience Edinburgh Festival Fringe…at Hull Truck Theatre!

This year, Hull Truck Theatre are bringing the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to Hull!

Grow, Hull Truck Theatre’s artist development programme for artists at any age or stage in their career, will include a series of Edinburgh Festival Fringe previews right here, in the heart of Hull.

The previews will kick off on Thursday 11 July with a double bill of back-to back laugh out loud comedy. Winner of Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year and Chortle Nominee for Best Newcomer 2019, Hull Native Jack Gleadow previews his debut Edinburgh Fringe show following on from performing as part of the prestigious Pleasance Comedy Reserve in 2018. Joining him is award winning comedian and Edinburgh award nominee Lucy Beaumont, who is back on the comedy bandwagon as she’s now ready for a break away from motherhood and unidentified objects.

The following day, the multi-award-winning physical comedy duo, The Kagools, bring their Cirque du Kagool, a brand new hour of pure joy and anarchic buffoonery “brimming with wit and imagination” ★★★★★  (TVBomb).

On 13 July, Hull audiences have the unique opportunity to experience a day-in-the-life of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with three exceptional shows.

The shows are part of the 2019 Hull Takeover, produced by Absolutely Cultured through their Hull Independent Producer Initiative, in partnership with Middle Child, supported by Hull Truck Theatre and Back To Ours.

The day will start with Slime, a hilarious, surreal show for 2-5 years and their families produced by The Herd. A Hull Truck Theatre Supported Company, The Herd have recently collaborated with the theatre on a popular new Christmas show for younger audiences and their families, The Ugly Duckling: Christmas Special.

The evening will see Hull Truck Theatre Supported Company The Roaring Girls challenge media stereotypes in their fierce, feminist and fun style. The company will present their thought-provoking, defiantly feel-good show Beach Body Ready, which was first seen as part of First Time Out at Grow Festival 2017. Created in The Roaring Girls‘ semi-improvised style, Beach Body Ready blends impassioned rants with cheesy fitness routines, and live, informal chats with a beach trip on film.

The day will end with a simultaneously vibrant, hopeful, and melancholic piece. Standing Too Close On Our Own In the Dark is Just Club Theatre’s first-ever show, supported by Middle Child’s First Show Fund.

The previews will continue with two performances of The Canary and The Crow on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 July. Produced by the award-winning company behind Us Against Whatever, Middle Child, the show is grime and hip hop-inspired gig theatre about a working-class black kid who’s accepted to a prestigious grammar school. The lyrical, semi-autobiographical piece is written by Daniel Ward with music by Beats Bus producer Prez 96, and James Frewer.

On Wednesday 24 July, Queer artist Nathaniel Hall will present First Time, a funny and frank one-man show about attempting to staying positive in a negative world.

Hull-born comedian Richard Stott will return to Hull Truck Theatre to close the Edinburgh previews series on Friday 26 July with Right Hand Man. Born with Poland Syndrome, the artist recounts in an hour of anarchic storytelling and acidic punchlines how he has learnt to roll with the hand life dealt him and draw humour from what we are told is humourless.


The full cast of The Hypocrite will return to Hull Truck Theatre on Sunday 23 June, along with Writer Richard Bean and Director Phillip Breen, to give a reading of the play in memory of Musical Director Paul Frankish.

The play will be read by the cast, with script in hand, to commemorate Hull-born Paul, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Paul was a talented musician, conductor, composer and teacher, whose West End credits include Wicked, but who also worked with organisations, artists and young people across our region, including Hull Truck Theatre, She Productions, Northern Academy of Performing Arts, Hull Philharmonic Orchestra and many more. He worked as Rehearsal Musical Director on The Hypocrite.

Tickets cost £17.50 and all proceeds from the reading will go to support Paul’s family.

The Hypocrite was originally produced by Hull Truck Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company as part of Hull UK City of Culture 2017 and played to sell out audiences in both Hull and Stratford-upon-Avon. The hugely popular production received rave reviews from the national press, including:
‘an extraordinarily vibrant, hugely enjoyable and riotously funny historical romp’ ««««« The I

‘raucous comedy does Hull proud’ «««« The Guardian
bawdy, witty, often flagrantly silly love-letter to Hull’ «««« The Telegraph

Cast members Mark Addy (Game of Thrones, The Full Monty) and Caroline Quentin (Men Behaving Badly, Jonathan Creek) will be returning to read their roles as Sir John and Lady Sarah Hotham.


“Paul Frankish was a brilliant MD, a patient, kind teacher and gentle man – more than that, he was our friend. His passing shocked and saddened all of us, and it took next to no time for us to decide to do something in his memory.

Making The Hypocrite in Hull at Truck for the City of Culture was a huge thrill for us all, we all had a fantastic time, so it seemed a very obvious thing to do to celebrate Paul’s life. To read this funny, big hearted, play with music; a love letter to Hull, where he lived and worked. We really hope you can come down and support this event – have a good laugh, a bit of a sing along, and to remember this kind, talented man. It’s a one-off special version of The Hypocrite, all the cast, all the brilliant jokes, and a few new ones thrown in for good measure, but done very informally with scripts in hand. 

On behalf of The Hypocrite company, I’d especially like to thank Mark Babych, Janthi Mills Ward and all at Truck for making the evening possible.”

Phillip Breen, Director of The Hypocrite

The Royal Opera House BP Big Screens of Swan Lake, Trafalgar Square (c) 2018 ROH. Photograph by Sim Canetty-Clarke

5 Great Events This Half Term

The Half Term is here and we have a great variety of events to keep you entertained.


Grab your skates and head to Humber Street (Stage @ The Dock) where you will find a roller rink ready entertain you and the kids. £5 per session which includes skate hire if you need them. Hand me my sweatbands!


Wonderfully colourful and memorising as they ‘breathe’ within the Feren’s Art Gallery these inflatable shapes are inspired by beautiful microscopic imagery of bacteria and cells that live within us.

TIP: Don’t forget that the permanent collection at Feren’s Gallery also includes some wonderful pieces and there is also the ‘Is This Planet Earth’ exhibition open throughout the half term.



Dive in and learn more about super shark senses at The Deep this May half term! It’s sure to be sense-ational!



Always on hand to surprise, delight and amaze in the most unusual of locations Back to Ours present another festival of the extra-ordinary!


There are 2 great exhibitions on at Humber Street Gallery this half term with  A Tittle-Tattle-Tell-a-Tale Heart presenting a creative narrative that combines the use of free-standing sculpture, sound installation, costume and performance. Journey To The Centre Of The Couch, which opens on the 25th of May is Hull based artist Ella Dortons first major project at Humber Street Gallery. Using found fabrics, old clothes, bedsheets, curtains and paint, the artist composes portraits that reflect the people of Hull. There is entertainment for the little ones too at Early Bods, perfect for the 0 – 5 year olds!

Looking for more?


Hull City Hall Upcoming Events

Fancy a grapple and a bit of comedy?

In the coming months Hull City Hall will see flying clotheslines, advice on eyebrow etiquette and some comedic greatest hits as part of its eclectic programme.

The laundry-based moves will be provided by the superstars and high-flyers from New Generation Wrestling-Europe’s biggest and best family-friendly wrestling show on 14 September.

Making a welcome return to the venue will be TV stars such as ‘Superhuman’ Justin Sysum, Rampage Brown, Nathan Cruz and the masked marvel Robbie X. If that wasn’t enough a special appearance from former Love Island star Adam Maxted will provide another jaw-dropping live experience.

The entertainment continues in the Mortimer Suite with two top class comedians.

Scottish comedy award winner and viral sensation Gary Miekle asks why women all over the world have ditched the classic ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ for ‘Do you like my eyebrows?’ in his new show on 3 October.

After racking up over 100 million views with a rant about his daughters’ eyebrows, Miekle explores eyebrow etiquette, logic and laws and how it’s changed his life and how he feels about being known forevermore as the iBrow guy. Expect the unexpected from this playfully dark rising star.

For more laugh out loud comedy join Geordie comedian Carl Hutchinson on 22 November as he hits the stage after two consecutive sell-out years on tour.

The Unplanned show includes a melody of greatest hits, new stories, audience interaction, requests and even a question and answer session.  Always a fun night, this is a chance to join Carl for a truly unmissable evening of comedy.

Tickets for all of these events go on  sale from 10am on Friday 24 May 2019 available via the Hull City Hall box office, call 01482 300 306 or visit to book online.

`Stick Man

Sticky adventures at Hull New Theatre

With more fun than you can shake a stick at Hull New Theatre presents a glorious adaptation of a much-loved children’s book later this year.

Stick Man the touching, funny and utterly original production of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s woody character hits the stage for a three-night run from 7 November.

The story begins with a morning jog and soon becomes a series of misadventures starting with being pounced on by a playful dog. Mistaken for an ordinary stick, the hero is swept far away, being used for all sorts of things: from a flag mast to a cricket bat, a snowman’s arm and even ends up on a fire.

How will Stick Man ever get back to the family tree?

This award-winning production, from the team behind Tiddler and other Terrific Tales, Tabby McTat and Zog features a trio of top actors and is packed full of puppetry, songs, live music and funky moves.

This heart-warming tale of family, courage and adventure promises to deliver joy for children and adults alike.

For more information and to book tickets please visit

The Royal Opera House BP Big Screens of Swan Lake, Trafalgar Square (c) 2018 ROH. Photograph by Sim Canetty-Clarke

Hull to host free Royal Opera House live screening

On Tuesday 11 June at 7pm, Trinity Square will be filled with 600 seats and people are being invited to come along for free with a picnic and watch Kenneth MacMillan’s celebrated ballet Romeo and Juliet, alongside a live audience at Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House and other screenings across the country.

This fantastic night of culture is part of the Royal Opera House’s ‘BP Big Screens’ programme which returns with live screenings of ballet and opera beamed across the UK at outdoor locations over the summer.

Councillor Dave Craker, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Tourism said:

“I am delighted to be working with the Royal Opera House to bring this fantastic free event to our residents. To be the only city in Yorkshire to be hosting Romeo and Juliet is a real coup and testament to our time as UK City of Culture in 2017. During the year we proved there is a massive appetite for these events and I’m confident we’ll see Trinity Square packed with people on 11 June.”

Alex Beard, Chief Executive of the Royal Opera House, commented:

“The BP Big Screens are a much-loved highlight of the summer calendar across the UK, and I am delighted that we once again beam the best the Royal Opera House has to offer to an ever-wider audience. Over the years, our collaboration with BP has enabled more than half a million people to experience ballet and opera – many for the first time – and together we bring this summer highlight to people all over the UK.”

Des Violaris, Director – UK Arts and Culture at BP said:

“Each summer we look forward to the BP Big Screens and taking free culture to people all over the country. This year we screen live world-class opera and ballet from Aberdeen to the Isle of Wight and build on over 30 years of partnership work between BP and the Royal Opera House”

Gok Wan, who will present the BP Big Screens in July said:

“As a huge opera and ballet fan, I love the BP Big Screens. As a child I would have loved watching for free with my friends! It’s fantastic that 24 sites across the UK become opera houses or ballet stages for the night and share in the magical performances live from London’s Covent Garden. Outdoor cinema is now one of the nation’s favourite summer pastimes and each summer the Royal Opera House BP Big Screens give everyone access to free culture on their doorstep, a great experience for free!”

Trinity Market will be open throughout the event and seats at the screening will be on a first come first serve basis. Booking is not required.

Melanie C

Bigger. Brighter. Bolder. Prouder. Spicier. Pop icon Melanie C is heading to Pride in Hull this July!

Melanie C, one-fifth of one of Britain’s most iconic pop groups will perform at Pride in Hull in Queens Gardens on 20 July, alongside legendary club collective Sink the Pink.

Her performance is part of a globe-trotting tour, taking in some of the world’s most exciting LGBT+ events – from São Paulo to Stockholm, via New York, Madrid and Berlin.

Melanie says: “This is a bit of dream come true for me! I’m going on tour with Sink the Pink, the most inclusive, fun and fabulous club night in London, and we’re taking their best drag queens round the world, for a truly special show. I can’t wait!”

Melanie C may have visited Hull once before, on her ‘Northern Star’ tour in 1999, but her mates at Sink the Pink will be heading to the city for the very first time. And they’re incredibly excited to be stepping out with Sporty Spice.

They said: “Melanie has been a long time supporter and friend of Sink The Pink and over the last few years we have created some of the most memorable moments in our history with her, with the standout being last year’s Mighty Hoopla performance. It’s not every day a bunch of drag queens get to step out and tour the world with a Spice Girl. This tour shows how committed Melanie is to her LGBTQ fans.

Melanie C and Sink the Pink are the second act confirmed for Pride in Hull, following the announcement of RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Alaska 5000, which sent social media into meltdown a few weeks ago.

But it’s not all about global sensations – Pride in Hull are offering the opportunity for local LGBT+ artists to share a stage with artists like Melanie C and Alaska 5000 as part of their ‘Pride on Stage’ competition. Three winners will be hand-picked to perform on 20 July and entries are being accepted now at

Pride in Hull attracted 50,000 people in 2018, cementing its status as one of Hull’s most iconic events and the biggest free Pride in the country.

Pride in Hull is a free and unticketed event taking place in Queens Gardens on Saturday 20 July. Donations towards 2019’s event can be made online at or in person on the day.

Rei-Gyaamie Trinity Live 1920

Trinity Live takes over market – and there’s more to come

Trinity Market was rocking last night for the first Trinity Live event at The Old Town’s popular spot.

From the people behind Hull’s huge Humber Street Sesh, Trinity Live is taking place every Thursday night at the market in the run-up to the much-loved annual summer music festival.

The live music was accompanied by the market’s trademark food and drink, with many traders staying open late into the evening for the event.

Rapper Cameo Brooks, eclectic duo Rei Gyaamie and trip-hop act The Broken Orchestra all christened the Trinity Live stage for a diverse night of music.

Trinity Live will take place every Thursday night at the market, acting as an appetiser before the big one, Humber Street Sesh, in August.

36 bands are lined up to grace the Trinity Live stage over the next 12 weeks.

Street food traders are also offering special deals for families for the events.

All the information you need on upcoming nights is here!

12 nights of music coming to Hull’s Old Town

The run-up to this year’s Humber Street Sesh is being marked with 12 bitesize events in Hull’s Old Town.

Organisers of the annual music festival have announced 12 nights of music every Thursday at Trinity Market – starting on Thursday 9 May.

The 12-week line-up includes acts including Pearls Cab Ride, Late Night Marauders, Young Jack.

Trinity Live will take place from 6pm to 9pm, with many traders staying open to offer food and drink during the event.

Circa_Humans_Photo by Sarah Walker 1920

Freedom Festival extended to 5 days!

In an extraordinary celebration of art, community and humanity, artists and audiences from Hull and around the world will once again converge on the city, transforming it into a world of wonder, to feast upon a world-class programme of art and a festival as unique as the city to which it is anchored.

With a largely free, family-centric programme spanning circus, music, dance, debates, visual arts, theatre and more, including multiple commissions and events which explore themes relating to human rights, Freedom Festival 2019 will affirm its position as one of the UK’s and Europe’s finest and most distinctive arts festivals.

Presented in public space, occupying streets and transforming unusual spaces, this year’s programme will celebrate the city’s rich heritage whilst encouraging visitors to discover and rediscover a city of unparalleled potential, fuelled by humanity.

Save the date to experience a journey of discovery as Hull becomes the city’s stage. You’re invited to join us as we continue to delight, entertain and surprise audiences in unusual locations with jaw-dropping UK premieres, laugh-out-loud moments, thought-provoking performances and sometimes mischievous projects that engage with both the young and old.

The programme for Freedom Festival will be announced next month.