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Terms of Use

This website (visithull.org) is operated by Hull City Council of Pacific Exchange, 40 High Street, Hull HU1 1PS.

This is a legal document, in relation to this website (the ‘Site’), and the material of all types that you gain access to on and through the Site (‘Content’). We have a separate Privacy Policy which governs our use of your personal information.

You consent to the terms of this Agreement every time you access any part of the Site or make use of any of the Content.

Intellectual Property
The term ‘Content’ includes, but is not limited to, all text, graphics and images, which appear on the Site, and the design, look and feel of the Site itself. Each item of Content is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights which are either owned by Hull City Council, or licensed to it by a third party.

Where downloads of third party software are made available on the Site, they are owned by the third party licensor in question, and will be subject to any terms and conditions applied by the relevant third party. The Site may contain proprietary notices (such as moral rights and trade mark notices) and copyright information, the terms of which must be observed and followed.

Use of Content
We permit you to use the Site and its Content for the purposes for which it is intended on an individual computing device having a single central processing unit. You may download to a local hard disk and print extracts from the Site.

With the exception of information in the press release section of the Site which may be reproduced by journalists (for journalistic purposes only) you are not (save to the extent permitted by law) otherwise entitled to copy, distribute or transmit any of the Content, or to incorporate any of it into any website (except by way of linkage in accordance with ‘Linking to the Site’ below) or other work whatsoever, nor may you broadcast, publish or facilitate any public performance of Content.

Accuracy of Content
While every effort is made to ensure that the Content is accurate and complete it may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. All Content is provided ‘as is’ for information purposes only and without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

We would therefore advise you in instances where you seek to rely on the Content, that you check the accuracy of the Content by some other means. For example, we would advise contacting relevant venues directly to confirm dates and times of performances.

All information about venues, performances, repertoire, times, prices and casting on this Site is necessarily subject to change, sometimes at short notice.

Community Guidelines

Comment on a story: Your opinions are valued and very welcome. Although we encourage healthy debate – after all, culture is something we’re all very passionate about – there are a few house rules that we expect all posters to abide by.

1: Keep it courteous.

2: Keep it relevant to the story or feature you are commenting on.

3: Keep it clean – no profanities here, thanks.

4: Abuse and hate speech, or comments that could be interpreted as such, will not be tolerated in any form

5: Personal attacks, trolling, flaming or any other form of cyber bullying will not be tolerated.

6: Libellous or defamatory content will be removed.

7: No spam or other obviously commercial content

8: We reserve the right to slightly edit comments if absolutely necessary, but will not do this in such a way as to change the meaning of the original comment.

9: Comments that breach the house rules will not be published.

10: We do our best to be vigilant on all of the above, but if you spot a comment that has somehow slipped through the net, please report it to the team by emailing dan.wheeler@vhey.co.uk

Linking to the Site
We encourage businesses and others to link their sites to the Site. However, if you wish to establish a link to the Site or any of its Content, you must ensure that the link does not open with a frameset from another website.

Links from the Site
Hull City Council is not responsible for the content of third party sites accessible via a link to the Site. They are independent, and their content is not endorsed or approved by us, even where the third party in question is stated to be a ‘partner’ of Hull City Council.

If you agree to purchase goods or services offered on or through those third party sites, such as (but not limited to) travel bookings, tickets, merchandise and services, the resulting agreement will be entirely between you and the relevant third party; we will not be involved in, or have any responsibility under, those agreements.

Personal Information
You may provide certain personal details to us when you register for email alerts, express an interest and/or book for events and activities, such as your name, your email address, and your geographic address. We will use this information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Changes to this Agreement
If we make any changes to this Agreement, your use of the Site and its Content following the date of that change will be governed by the changed Agreement.

Your attention is brought to the paragraph headed ‘Accuracy of Content’ above and you are reminded that Hull City Council considers following the advice in that paragraph to be an obligation on your part in respect of your use of this site. Hull City Council will not be liable for losses that were not foreseeable to both parties when the contract was made; or for losses that were not caused by any breach on the part Hull City Council; or for business losses and/or losses to non-consumers. Nothing in this Agreement limits Hull City Council liability for death or personal injury resulting from Hull City Council negligence.

Territory and Laws
The Site is provided from England and Wales for access and use by people both there and elsewhere. If you visit the Site from outside England and Wales, you are, in effect, visiting the territory of England and Wales. Accordingly, you acknowledge that the laws of England and Wales apply to your use of the Content and govern this Agreement, and that Hull City Council takes no responsibility to ensure the conformance of the Content or the Site to your country’s laws.

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