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Hull & East Riding Charitable Trust

The Hollingbery Family founded the business in 1933 with the first Comet superstore opened in Hull in 1968. The business was subsequently sold to Kingfisher and in 1985 the charity was established with the defined purpose of donating funds to help and support charities, both national and local, and other deserving causes, provided that direct benefit was forthcoming for people who live in Hull or the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Presentations by members of the 2017 Team to all Trustees identified a high level of stimulation and excitement around the emerging quality of the full years events.  The sheer size and scale of the 2017 Culture opportunity was clearly destined to change the countrywide perception of Hull to a vastly improved level. So it was decided to provide significant support to help ensure the best possible outcome for the City of Hull.

"The Hull & East Riding Charitable Trust is delighted to be supporting Hull as the UK City of Culture in 2017. We hope that our financial contribution will enable communities within Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire to engage and benefit from their time in the national spotlight. Our involvement in this important event is consistent with the Trust's objectives to support, enrich and enhance the lives of the people of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. We hope that this year as UK City of Culture will make a positive difference to the lives of people in our area and enhance the nation's perception of the city of Hull in 2017 and beyond." – Adrian M Horsley, Chairman, Hull & East Riding Charitable Trust

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