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Spirit of 2012

Spirit of 2012 was established by the Big Lottery Fund in November 2013 with an endowment of £47m. Spirit invests in happiness. Our vision is that all people are equally empowered to get out, be involved and feel better. We believe in equal chances; we’re working to ensure the spirit that radiated from the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics is felt across the UK. By connecting events to communities across the country, we ensure our investment is of local, regional and national benefit. We tackle isolation and disadvantage by supporting those providing opportunities in sports and physical activity, culture and the arts, social action and volunteering.

“Dugald Mackie, our Chair, has a clear vision that Spirit of 2012 should carry the legacy of the London 2012 flame forward into the future by using events as catalysts for change in locations throughout the UK.  So we are truly thrilled to be establishing a flagship partnership with Hull 2017 City of Culture which chimes perfectly with that mission.  We are excited by Hull’s plans to capture the impact that City of Culture status will have on the wellbeing of people and communities, and look forward to playing our part in ensuring the year delivers a tangible and lasting legacy for the city. Our ambition, as funders, is that 2017 is just the starting point of a rich and confident future for Hull as a cultural hotspot. Our partnership is in its infancy now, but we are eagerly anticipating the evolution from aspiration and intention into wonderful and engaging art that surprises, delights and makes a difference to people’s lives.”
Debbie Lye, Chief Executive


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