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Yorkshire Water

We provide some of life’s most essential services to the people and businesses of Yorkshire, playing a key role in the region’s health, wellbeing and prosperity.

We do this by supplying water and waste water services to more than 5 million people, 2 million homes and 130,000 businesses.

Performing this important role makes us a custodian of some of the region’s most essential infrastructure and the natural environment. And we do all of this for about £1 a day for the average customer, making our bills amongst the lowest in the country.

We have a unique relationship with Hull and play a significant role in managing the city’s surface water in order to protect it from flooding. Over the past decade we have invested more than £50 million on upgrading our extensive network of pipes, treatment works and pumping stations to give greater protection to the city.

Yorkshire Water also continues to engage with Hull City Council, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, the Environment Agency and local communities on its longer-term ambition to make Hull a model for environmental sustainability.

“We are delighted to pledge our support for Hull 2017 which we are confident will put Hull and its surrounding towns and villages well and truly on the world stage. It’s a great way to reinforce the fact that we are an integral part of Hull, providing major social economic and environmental benefits to the city.

“As a company we are working on ambitious long-term plans for Hull which we hope local communities will get behind.

“Last year we enthusiastically supported the 100-day Yorkshire Festival and we aim to bring the same enthusiasm to Hull City of Culture 2017. We would really like for other major local businesses to get involved and ensure that Hull puts on a show the world will never forget.”
Richard Flint, Chief Executive


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