Matching Patron & Maker

Matching Patron & Maker

From 10th July to 2nd September Burton Constable Hall will be showcasing a superb display of original carved music stands. These have been individually designed and carved by the current inheritors of Britain’s carving heritage. The Master Carvers Association, in homage to Chippendale and in celebration of 21st century craftsmanship.

This exhibition is included in the normal hall admission charges


Discover more about our exhibition with a walk around the gallery with a member of the team.

Learn about the artists in detail, where the inspiration for the work came from, the ideas behind the show and a chance to chat about the broad topics with other visitors.

Anna Gillespie: Dwelling

Anna Gillespie presents a sculptural response to the lived experience of humans seeking and inhabiting place.

Portraits at Sea

The characters and stories of Hull’s seafarers are brought to life in this exhibition of portraits by Dan Llywelyn Hall.

During Hull’s City of Culture year in 2017, Dan had numerous sittings with the men who shaped the seafaring industry. Although based in the Merchant Navy club Dan met both fishermen and merchant seamen and heard how occupations changed as a response to the challenging times faced by the city’s maritime community.

An accompanying film documentary by Ann-Marie Conlon shows Dan carrying out the sittings and discussing the lives and roles played by the mariners who formed a vital part of Hull’s social history.


HIP Gallery (AKA The Hull Independant Photography) has an exceptional new exhibition of photographs from Hull in the early 1980’s. The photographs were shot in West Hull, mainly around Hessle Rd & Woodcock Street by Russell Boyce. At the time Russell was a Hull art student, making the first works of what would become a life-long, worldwide, photographic career. His first prints were displayed in Bob Carvers fish & chip shop. He is now the Middle East and Africa Editor for Reuters Pictures.

“I am delighted to know that after over 30 years, the photographs I shot in Hull can be enjoyed by the community who made them so special, in Hull Independent Photography Gallery”

The exhibition includes photographs from Russell’s earliest photo projects including Living With Blindness, Star & Garter, Stray Dogs & Kandy de Barry. Some photographs were taken when Russell joined a young George Norris on his horse-drawn cart. George has co-curated the exhibition with Alan Raw of HIP Gallery and Russell has named the show after the words George would call as he lead his cart around the West Hull houses; Battery, Boiler, Bike Frame, Lumber, Rag Bone.

Urban Legend Northern lights 1920

Urban Legends: Northern Lights

This winter, Absolutely Cultured presents Urban Legends: Northern Lights, a newly commissioned outdoor event featuring captivating projections and atmospheric soundscapes, brand new for Hull in 2018.

Drawing inspiration from the connections between Hull and the countries across the North Sea in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, Urban Legends: Northern Lights will spark conversations about the common stories shared between these places.

Taking inspiration from ancient mythology, fairy tales and oral history, the buildings, pavements, shop windows and winding alleys of Hull city centre will be the pages on which stories are told.

From large and impressive to intimate and moving, the city will be at its dazzling winter best as the event brings together artists from the UK and Scandinavia.

Lead artists include Dodda Maggý, Heinrich and Palmer, imitating the dog, NOVAK, Studio McGuire and Zsolt Balogh’s New Visual Paradigm, with contributions from other collaborators. Many of these artists are already familiar with the city, with previous work celebrated in Hull during its year as the UK City of Culture 2017.

This event will be free and unticketed.


Urban Lights: Northern Legends Map
Urban Lights: Northern Legends Map

Drawing Time – Our Story

Through personal artwork and life-story sharing, this project will bring together members of the Hull Women’s Refugee Group with members of the public within a city centre space.

The Hull Women’s Refugee Group is a Refugee Council project as part of the Resettlement Programme.

Irena Sendler – Rescue, Resistance & The Human

Irena Sendler coordinated the rescues of hundreds of Jewish children to escape the horrors of the Warsaw ghetto. To mark the 10th anniversary of her death, 2018 is internationally recognised as the year of Irena Sendler.

Irena Sendler Exhibition

25-29 June 10am – 3pm (Free)

Pubic Lecture

28 June, 4:30pm (Free)

Country to Coast Art Exhibition

Local artist Peter Watson attended Hull College of Art and Liverpool College of Art in the 1960’s, where he experienced the legacy of the vibrant “Liverpool Scene” of artists, poets and musicians. Then followed a period of teaching in schools around Scarborough, but he continued to paint in his spare time.

The inspiration for his current work on display in The Carriage House at Burton Constable is derived from the Yorkshire landscape and in particular the Yorkshire Wolds and the Holderness coast.

This exhibition is included in the normal admission charges.

Chrissy Collinson – Sites Unseen

An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Hull artist Chrissy Collinson, featuring richly intricate investigations into Hull’s unseen and hidden routes, known locally as ‘tenfoots’.

Featuring the Tenfoot series of paintings, jewel-like distillations in oil paint documenting walks and observations made along these connective pathways.

Mud & Water

Studio Eleven Gallery presents an exhibition of handmade earthy ceramics, complemented by expressive drawings of the local terrain of boulder clay, known as the Holderness Plein.


Paul Wearing Ceramics

Paul Wearing is an associate member of the Crafts Potters Association.  He exhibits nationally and has created a large following through exhibiting at Ceramic Art London and other prestigious ceramic art events.

‘Through the glazed surface of coil-built vessels I explore a visceral sense and physical feel for nature and its seasons. Textures found on surfaces within diverse environments are fundamental to my practice. Such textures can be rendered through volatile, blistering glazes. The tension between the man-made form and glaze phenomena in my work, brings into focus the nature of our vitality, materiality and fragility.  I often work with vessels in series in order to investigate various aspects of the above states of flux and processes of change and transformation. Groups are distinct yet related and can be considered individually and/ or sequentially as there is an evolutionary thread to them as the surfaces increase or decrease in activity and matter. In all there is the potential for us to contemplate the simultaneous coming and going, appearing and disappearing of matter and time.’


Paul studied ceramics to postgraduate level in Cardiff where he has lived and worked since. After completing the BA course in 2000 Paul co-founded Elements Studio and Gallery where he remained for three years as Co-Director before returning to Cardiff University to complete his MA in ceramics.  Paul is a member of the famous Fireworks Clay Studios where he held the positions of Chair and Co-Director from 2008 until 2013. In 2016 Paul returned to the role of Co-Director.


John Petty Drawings

John Petty is an experienced draftsman who has a lifelong fascination with the wilderness in Holderness, recording fragments of buildings and the discerning landscape.  John Petty was a graphic designer by trade and worked in Leeds for many years before returning to his beloved Holderness.

‘Although my work is fixed in specific locations, I am not attempting to make accurate representations, rather I am attempting to convey something of my experience of being in that landscape; it is a landscape to which I have a strong attachment.’

John’s drawing process involves repeatedly making and disrupting the drawing; the drawing is with graphite; the disruption is created with gesso and by scouring and scratching the surface with sharp tools.  New paper is added in places and is sometimes collaged together.  This may be to repair an area, or it may serve no purpose other than to develop the textural qualities of the drawing.

The obscured and hidden layers of the drawings reflect the layers of history and the stories that the buildings/landscape have seen.

“It is right that some of the drawing is obscured and lost as are the lives and stories of the people that once invested so much in these places.”


Coming Home to Roost

Lesley Anne Greene is an artist from Yorkshire who hand builds figurative ceramic sculptures inspired by the animal kingdom.

Exhibiting throughout the U.K. for the last 24 years, Lesley has created a collection of works using both imaginary and real encounters at home and abroad.

Having relocated to the East Riding three years ago, Lesley enjoys relaxing at the RSPB bird reserve on Bempton Cliffs and current works for this exhibition are a celebration of the Puffins and Gannets observed there .

Drawing & Painting The Agricultural Landscape

This exhibition shows the paintings and drawings of the area known as Sunk Island, north of the River Humber by John D. Petty.

John D. Petty’s paintings and drawings will be displayed on the walls, while on the pedestals below will be the ceramic bird sculptures of Lesley Anne Greene.

Andy Lambeth – An Evening in Monks Harris

An Evening in Monks Harris is a series set across a single evening in a fictional northern village in the 1970s.

At first glance, it appears to be an illustration that you would expect to see in a children’s book, but on closer inspection the paintings reveal this not to be the case, as each one has a darker side representing the toil of everyday life.

Emily Fratson – Artist Showcase

Emily Fratson is a Hull-based artist working primarily in ceramics and drawing in various mediums.

Originally from near Memphis, Tennessee, Emily is curious about the connections between there and Memphis, Egypt. You can expect to see her interpretation of these connections in her work presented in this showcase.