It’s time to introduce Absolutely Cultured. 

Absolutely Cultured has today been announced as the new name for the company that delivered Hull’s incredible year of arts and culture in 2017. Absolutely Cultured has also confirmed its renewed purpose as an arts organisation rooted in the city, and revealed details of some of the events to look forward to in the coming year.

Led by Creative Director Katy Fuller, who has been part of the Hull UK City of Culture journey since 2015, and with cultural specialist Lee Corner as Chair, Absolutely Cultured will commission a world-class arts programme of events for residents and visitors, working with partners inside the city and across the UK to cement Hull’s reputation as a centre for creativity.

Katy Fuller said: “In 2017, as Hull UK City of Culture, we invited the city of Hull to get absolutely cultured – and it did, but 2017 was only the beginning.

“We’re extremely proud of the roots of this company and its achievements during 2017. While we have a refocused purpose, at the very heart of that is the continuation of a programme of events which appeal to the huge audience we know we have in Hull, as well as being relevant and interesting to visitors and those watching from afar.”

The events, some of which have been announced today, will be ambitious, surprising and imaginative. Artworks will inhabit and animate Hull’s incredible outdoor spaces, bringing people and communities together, and building on the high levels of engagement achieved in 2017.

Their first major event will be happening this summer: Dominoes by Station House Opera is a large-scale, site-specific celebration for the whole city to enjoy. It will be free and unticketed, taking place on Saturday 11 August 2018.

Humber Street Gallery will continue, building its reputation through a high quality, engaging and thought-provoking future programme of exhibitions and events, which have also been announced today.

Absolutely Cultured will continue the award-winning City of Culture Volunteer Programme, working across arts and culture opportunities but also expanding to new sectors across the city with the support of two new partnerships with Nesta and Spirit of 2012.

In addition, The Hull Independent Producer Initiative (HIPI) will continue to nurture local artistic talent and artists from near and far will be supported to take risks and extend their practice through the commissions programme.

Katy Fuller added: “Any well-rounded arts organisation needs to ensure it is delivering on all fronts: jaw-dropping audience experiences; opportunities for learning and participation; and development opportunities for artists. Absolutely Cultured will be no exception.”

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