Micropolis – FAQs

We’re thrilled you’d like to join us to explore Micropolis. We have provided some useful information below to help make your preparations as easy and enjoyable as possible.


What is Micropolis?

Between the cracks and gaps of the city, tiny people go about their normal, everyday lives.

Using the constant stream of rubbish discarded by humans, they’ve been gathering, recycling and building, sidestepping the eyes and feet of giants to build their own world; it’s a sprawling and vibrant Micropolis.

Enter a world of skyscrapers, homes, shop fronts, bars and gardens, a city built on ingenuity and the desire to survive and grow. Catch a glimpse of a miniature party in full swing and seek out the Town Crier’s news. From butchers to burlesque dancers, window cleaners to workmen, familiar lives and faces unfold in perfect miniature.

Explore a bustling city built from all corners of ours.

When does Micropolis take place?

Micropolis is open daily from Saturday 21 October until Sunday 5 November.

What time does Micropolis begin and end?

Micropolis will be open for visitors to attend at any time between 2pm and 8:30pm each day.

Visitors are welcome at all points during opening hours, so there’s no need to rush. Last entry to the building will be no later than 8:30pm.

Where does Micropolis take place?

Micropolis takes place inside Springhead Pumping Station, Springhead Avenue (off Willerby Road), Hull, HU5 5HZ.

(See ‘Getting to Springhead Pumping Station’ for information on how to get there.)

What time can I get access to the site?

First entry to Micropolis will be at 2pm every day, and last entry will be at 8:30pm every day.

Visitors can arrive at any time during the specified opening times.

(See ‘What time does Micropolis begin and end?’ for more information.)

Is there allocated seating?

Micropolis is experienced on foot, therefore there will be no seating available.

Please do not bring your own chairs as they will not be permitted.


Is Micropolis suitable for children?

Yes, Micropolis is suitable for all who wish to experience it.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Are dogs allowed?

With the exception of assistance dogs, no animals will be permitted to the site.


How do I get to Springhead Pumping Station?

Parking is very limited around Springhead Pumping Station, so we advise use of public transport or travelling by foot where possible.

Public Transport

Main pedestrian access to the site is via Springhead Avenue, off Willerby Road. EYMS bus services 33, 34, 35, 35A, 44 and 44C for Willerby Square make stops at Wymersley Road near the Highway Pub. This is a short walk across Willerby Road to Springhead Avenue. Visit to find the most suitable service for you.


There will be limited parking available for blue badge holders on a first come first serve basis. This is located in the small car park on Springhead Avenue and will be coned off for use by Blue Badge Holders.

Parking is extremely limited around Springhead Pumping Station. Visitors to Micropolis are encouraged to use public transport or walk. There is on street parking in the area around Springhead Avenue, please be sensitive to residents and not block driveways or drop curbs.


Are there toilets nearby?

We have arranged for temporary toilets, including accessible and gender neutral toilets, to be available for visitors to Micropolis.

What considerations have been made for those with disabilities?

Micropolis is a highly visual experience which can be enjoyed by all who attend.

Access to Springhead Pumping Station is via 300m of paved, but sometimes uneven ground. The building itself is suitable for wheelchair users. We advise using your own judgement regarding individual needs.

Please bear in mind that although lighting will be provided for the journey to the building, the ground may be muddy and uneven in places, so please take care and ensure you and your group are appropriately prepared.

Can you provide information in alternative formats or languages?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide advance information in other languages.

The tiny people do not speak in a language known by us, so the experience can be enjoyed by everyone whatever language they use.


Will Micropolis be cancelled in bad weather?

Micropolis is an indoor experience, which is very unlikely to be cancelled in bad weather. There will be some outdoor shelter provided for visitors waiting to access into the building, but we suggest wearing waterproofs and sensible shoes to make the journey to the building as comfortable as possible.


I’ve lost something whilst in Micropolis, what do I do?

If you lost something on your journey through Mircopolis, please contact with a description of the item. We will then check if it was found and let you know as soon as we can.

What do I do if I lose someone in Micropolis?

It is highly unlikely you will lose someone during Micropolis because of the contained nature of the journey. If this does happen, please make a member of our team aware of the situation and they will implement an official lost child/vulnerable adult procedure. Our team will be clearly identifiable in a uniform.


· Animals, with the exception of assistance dogs, are not permitted.
· No alcohol is permitted within the site.
· Food and beverage items (excluding alcohol) may be brought to the site for personal consumption only.
· Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
· Re-admission once the gates have closed is not permitted.
· The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry, and will do so if you are under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance, or for any other reason at our discretion.
· In the unlikely event that attendance is oversubscribed the organisers reserve the right to limit entry in the interest of public safety.
· Latecomers will not be admitted.
· Admission to the site is at your own risk and the organisers have no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage, death, or injury to you or your property which is not caused by its negligence.
· You are not permitted to use professional audio, video and/or photographic equipment within the site without the express permission of the organisers.


In the unlikely event we need to cancel, notices will be posted via our social media channels (Twitter / Facebook) and on this website. Please check back here before travelling to the site.