Hull Maritime Project

Following on from the successes of 2017, Hull Maritime Project is continuing the regeneration and investment of Hull to confirm the city as a world-class visitor attraction… 

Hull Maritime aims to promote and protect Hull’s incredible maritime history, architecture and collections as Yorkshire’s only maritime city. 

Telling the story of Hull’s remarkable journey as a global powerhouse for trade and cultural exchange, this project will highlight the city’s connections to the rest of the world through its role as a major port. 

Presented across four important sites and two historic vessels, each housing significant collections, they comprise some of Hull’s most precious heritage and together tell stories of invention and ingenuity, perseverance and endurance, triumph and disaster. 

The project will also regenerate and re-connect the heart of the Hull to its historic waterfront, the place where the city’s maritime history began. 

In Spring 2023, Spurn Lightship will reopen to the public in a new location, following this in summer 2023, the Artic Corsair will welcome visitors onboard the ship-museum and the project will crescendo in 2024 with the grand reopening of Hull Maritime Museum following a major refurbishment.