We’re ever so slightly biased, of course, but we’re with Larkin on this one. Hull’s “sudden elegancies” catch the eye when you least expect them, revealing sides of Yorkshire’s only maritime city that are truly unique.

Here are just a few reasons why:

Only in Hull…  can you visit the spot where the Governor of Hull Sir John Hotham and pals decided to rebel against King Charles I by refusing to allow him into the city at Beverley Gate in 1642 – thereby triggering the English Civil War. It’s upstairs in the “Plotting Parlour” of Ye Olde White Harte pub in Silver Street.

Only in Hull… can you pay tribute to another independent spirit, Amy Johnson, a pioneering Hull pilot who was the first woman to fly solo from Britain to Australia in 1930. Look out for her statue in Prospect Street, a mock-up of her Gipsy Moth plane Jason in St Stephen’s shopping centre and some of the colourful wall-mounted moth sculptures inspired by her plane across the city.

Only in Hull… can you find cream telephone boxes. Even our phone boxes like to be different.


 TOP TIP: Psst! Want to take an unique shortcut between Scale Lane/High Street in the Old Town to The Deep and Fruit Market? Scale Lane footbridge is the world’s first to allow foot passengers to ride on the bridge as it swings open. Listen carefully, and you should hear birdsong as you glide over the River Hull.


DID YOU KNOW? A whopping 40% of our city-centre businesses are independents helping to provide a shopping experience that you really won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Only in Hull… can you stock up on whoopee cushions and trick chewing gum at the favourite joke shop of comedian Reese Shearsmith and mind master Derren Brown. Visit the wonder of the world that is Dinsdale’s Joke and Trick Shop in Hepworth Arcade and discover why it’s been going strong since the 1930s. All the stylish and quirky shops in the glorious Hepworth and Paragon arcades are worth checking out, from Fanthorpe’s for music gear, to Beasley’s for vintage clothing, Bierhaus craft beer shop, White Rabbit chocolatiers, Two Gingers coffee shop and Marla’s for food.

Only in Hull… can you peer into England’s smallest window. See if you can spot it at The George pub in The Land of Green Ginger. In fact, only in Hull is there a street called the Land of Green Ginger.

Only in Hull… can you play air guitar on the Mick Ronson memorial stage in Queens Gardens, where David Bowie’s most celebrated  guitarist used to work as a groundsman; or at the spot in Whitefriargate where Paul Heaton and Stan Cullimore used to busk before they hit the big time with The Housemartins.

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