My Time at “The Deep”

My Name is Josef, I am a Student from Germany doing a 3 weeks Internship for the Hull City Council. While working for Visit Hull I got the Opportunity to visit “The Deep”. After my first week I can already say that Hull is a beautiful City with much to see and even more to do, and I am excited about what awaits me in the following two weeks.

At first I did not know what to expect, because I thought that I would just see some fishes and then leave again. But to my great surprise, as soon as I entered the Exhibition, I was welcomed with a row of Computers where different stages of Earth’s Evolution were portrayed. After learning a little about Earth’s origin, some extinct Animals like the Megalodon and the Evolution of the Sea and its inhabitants you walk into a Room where the first Big fish tank, with a variety of different fishes, awaits you. Throughout the Exhibition there is always something new to explore. The main Attraction in my opinion is the giant tank which goes through the entire building. In there are a huge variety of different marine creatures. Visiting “The Deep” is a fun thing for people of all ages because there is so much to see. For the younger visitors there are interactive stages where they can learn about the marine creatures or the Ocean in general in a playful way.

I was a little surprised after I saw that I spent almost two and a half hours in “The Deep” because if you are in there walking through the Exhibition you completely forget about time and it just flies by. It was a stunning Experience walking through “The Deep” for the first time and I can only recommend it to anyone who has not been there yet or is thinking about going there again.