My visit to the deep

The Deep is one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world and is home to approximately  5000 animals, including the only pair of green sawfish in Britain, impressive sharks and rays, penguins, jellyfish and hundreds of other fish species. However, there is not only a lot to see there, but also a lot to learn. The aquarium gives a lot of information about the history of the sea, about the life of the different species and about the waste in the sea, which harms the marine animals.

My expectations of the aquarium were quite high, as it was recommended to me by previous visitors. Nevertheless, my expectations were exceeded, as The Deep is such a huge and unique aquarium with lots of things to see. The highlight of my visit were definitely the penguins, because I have never seen penguins before. But also the sharks and rays were very interesting to watch. The soothing sounds and the appropriate lighting in the aquarium created a very relaxing atmosphere, with which one could easily immerse oneself in underwater life. I have also learned a lot about the huge impact people have on marine life and how anyone can make life safer underwater. In general, the aquarium pays a lot of attention to the welfare of the animals and calls on visitors to be considerate of their lives and not to contaminate the oceans with plastic.

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit and I would strongly recommend a visit to The Deep, as there is a lot to see and there is something for everyone.