My visit to The Deep

I am doing a three week placement in three different departments of the Hull City Council. Actually I am living in Earlsmere guesthouse with one other student who is also working in the Hull City Council. After almost two weeks in Hull, I can say that a placement abroad is a very good experience. I learned a lot about the life in England and Hull.

My first impressions were that Hull is a very interesting city with a lot of history. Hull got a lot of museums and sights. I would like to go into more details about an attraction called The Deep. I have visited it by myself and it is very impressive. The Deep is an award winning aquarium with over 3500 fish, sharks, stunning marine life and plenty of activities. You can have a nice travel trough the story of the world’s oceans.

They have fun and educational interactive audio-visual presentations. They also have daily highlights like dive shows, penguin feeds underwater tunnel and a lot more.

If you want to have a break, there are several possibilities to eat something or just to rest a little.  You can have a coffee and a small snack in a Costaway’s with a great view on the Humber. The Halfway café serves a variety of sandwiches and snacks. We also got some picnic areas, but we cannot guarantee table. If you would like to enjoy a two or three course meal with local products, we recommend the two Rivers Restaurant. You have an amazing atmosphere to sit under the aquarium.

The Deep is open from Monday to Sunday from 10 to 18 o’clock

Further information on the website:

My conclusion from all is that Hull is a very watchable city and a placement abroad is only to be recommended!