Our visit to the Deep

The Deep is one of the biggest aquariums in the UK with over 300 separate species and approximately 5,000 animals overall. Before going into detail, we would like to share our expectations first. We thought we would just see some fishes and maybe a couple of other sea animals, but when we arrived, we immediately noticed that there would be much more to see.

As we walked into the exhibition, we already read much information about the aquarium itself. Especially the size of the marine exhibit excited us the most because usually the animals do not have that much space. The Deep really takes care of their sea animals and their welfare are their highest priority. Another good aspect were the many interactive stations, where especially the younger visitors could learn a lot in a playful way. Furthermore, the pollution is brought to attention which really makes you thoughtful of the sea dwellers, you just learned about.
In hindsight, we want to diminish our consumption of plastic and pay attention to the environment.  We would particularly visit the Deep anytime, because they are ambassadors of the oceans.
Also it is an education charity to protect the future of animals and oceans. We had a great day in the big aquarium, learned more about the marine exhibit and endangered species.
Especially because the Deep does care about the environment, like their slogan, “For conservation, not profit” says, there are no negative aspects to share.

In our opinion, the highlight of our visit was the elevator which takes you through the largest fish tank in The Deep. Meanwhile, we could have a close look at the different kinds of fish in it.
Another outstanding part of our visit were the jellyfishes because they were really calming to look at in combination with the relaxing music playing in the background.