Tasting notes: Hull gin

Did you know Hull has its very own gin? With the drink currently undergoing an explosion in popularity, not to mention rising interest in craft tipples, the enterprising folk at Humber Street Distillery are now making their own “spirit of Hull”, Hull Dry Gin.

It’s a unique citrus-led dry gin with floral notes, that features cubeb berries, cassia bark, chamomile flowers, elderflower and pink grapefruit peel. And it’s been created especially for Humber Street Distillery owners Lee Kirman and Charlotte Bailey.

Lee says: “It’s always been our ambition to make Humber Street Distillery one of the places you really must visit if you’re coming to Hull and the gin still makes it even more of a draw.”

Top UK master distiller Jamie Baxter was brought in to advise on perfecting the gin, made in the “Rolls Royce of gin stills” a copper still made by German firm Holstein.

“It’s a really high-quality piece of equipment that will last for decades and will make a consistently excellent product,” says Jamie, who has founded 18 distilleries over the years, including the City of London Distillery. “Every still has its own unique characteristics – that’s one of the beauties of craft distilling. There is science behind it, but also a real art to it.

“Everything is done by hand, by taste, by touch and by listening to the sounds the still makes. The gin it produces is lovingly created. It’s an artisan, hand-made product that is uniquely local and people love that.”

Humber Street Distillery is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from noon to 11pm.

EYES PEELED: Also look out for Hotham’s Gin School and Distillery, which is due to open in Hull’s Old Town in summer 2018. Hotham’s gins are already available to buy in selected retailers, including craft drinks seller Fellows & Vittle in Hull Trinity Market.