My time in Hull – Saskia Klose

My name is Saskia and I am a student from Germany.

At the moment I make an internship in Hull for 3 weeks. I work for the Hull City Council. Every week I work in a different department. This week I work at “Major Projects” and I already noticed that is a lot of fun!!

Before we travelled to Hull we don’t know anything about the City so we searched for information from the internet. The internet says something like “Hull is dull” so we don’t know what to expect!

By the way we travelled with a minibus and with the ferry. We stay in a host family here in Hull and our hospitable parents are very kind and it is a very comfortable residence.

So the first day we went to the Guild Hall and met our supervisor. She showed us where we had to work and introduce us to all the people.

In the afternoon we had a city tour. The tour was really interesting and now we could say : Hull isn’t dull!!!!

We saw a lot of interesting museums and beautiful buildings and all people we met were very friendly. So we really enjoy the time here.

Also the weather is great! It is hot and always sunny, it is even better than in Germany!

On Tuesday, the second day, I had the opportunity to go into the Deep. That was really interesting and I enjoyed it. I saw a lot of different fish and I also saw penguins. The penguins are very cute! There were also sharks, turtles, eels and jellyfish and I took a lot of pictures.

I also went to different museums for example the Streetlife Museum and I also went to the Hull History Centre!

I have seen many new things and it was really interesting.

So at the end I can say that Hull is a beautiful city! I am here since 4 days but I already love it! You just feel comfortable with so many friendly people and I am already looking forward to the next 2 weeks and someday I would like to come back to Hull!