Try this Hull pub crawl – with beers made right here in the city

In honour of this, we have put together our own little Hull pub crawl, using places where you can sip beer brewed right here, in Hull (or very near).

Atom Bar
Ye Olde Corn Exchange, North Church Side

The Hull brewery moved into the Corn Exchange last year and it’s quickly become a much-loved watering hole for the city’s beer-lovers. Alongside a wide-range of craft beer, Atom stocks its own signature range of Atom brew. And it’s not all about liquids at Atom. GLUG has its hands on the reins of the kitchen and churns out a range of dishes, inspired by cooking from across the globe and complementing the house nectar.

The Taphouse
Humber Street, Fruit Market

Taphouse Brewpub is both a working brewery and stylish bar, offering almost 40 draught craft beers, lagers and ciders.

The latest joint to waltz its way into the Fruit Market is the home of the Yorkshire Brewing Company, which has been brewing on the site for the past six years, and Bone Machine Brewing Company. As well as serving up the delights from the in-house brewery, it also offers a wide-range of draught real ales, craft beers, lagers and ciders, which change from week to week.

The Brain Jar
Trinity House Lane

The Brain Jar doesn’t have the widest range of beers (though it does have just about every spirit under the sun). However, it does stock a local brewery with its roots firmly in Hull – in Bricknell Avenue to be precise. The small-scale Bricknell Brewery specialises in the production of unusual hand-crafted bottle-conditioned beers that you are unlikely to find in most supermarkets. If you want a tip, the chocolate porter is excellent.

Vittles & Company
Trinity Market

The micro-brewery brews and sells its beer in Trinity Market. Picture: Vittles & Company

You don’t have to leave your house to enjoy local brew if you stock up in advance. If you enjoy sipping from the comfort of your own sofa, you can always take a trip to Trinity Market’s Vittles & Company. The micro-brewery claims to be Hull’s smallest commercial brewery – brewing just 50 litres at a time. As well as stocking its own shop in the market, the brewery also sells craft ales from across Yorkshire, the UK and further afield.

Princes Avenue

Maybe you don’t fancy a city centre stroll on Sunday? No worries, there are plenty of bars, pubs and restaurants all over the city stocking locally sourced beer. Princes Avenue has plenty. Pave (literally an abbreviation of Princes Ave for anyone that hasn’t worked it out yet) has a constantly changing range of guest ales, as well as its usual favourites. Wold Top is one of the local breweries often stocked at the bar. Founded in 2003 by arable farmers Tom and Gill Mellor, the brewery is based high on the Yorkshire Wolds (so yeah, not Hull, but not a million miles away). Another is Great Newsome. Again, it’s not in Hull, but the East Yorkshire brewery (South Frodingham, near Withernsea, for anyone that wants to be more specific) is close enough.