My work experience in Hull

Hello everybody! My name is Lea Oberg and I lives in my hometown Hamm in Germany. I’m  a student on the Friedrich List Berufskolleg and I’m in England for three weeks for doing a work placement in the Hull City Council. It’s very important to do and see so many different things and to meet lots of friendly people. Hull is a big city where lives a quarter of a million people. That’s so much! Hull has lots of culture and big buildings like the Ferens Art Gallery. The site and money for the gallery were donated to the city by Thomas Ferens, after whom it is named. The architects were S. N. Cooke and E. C. Davies. It has paintings and sculptures, including works by European Old Masters, portraiture, marine painting, and modern and contemporary British art. Highlights include masterpieces by Lorenzetti, Frans Hals, Antonio Canaletto, Frederick Leighton, Stanley Spencer, David Hockney, Helen Chadwick and Gillian Wearing. Another interesting Building is the Maritime Museum. It’s originally known as the Museum of Fisheries and Shipping, opened in 1912. The building stands in Queen Victoria Square with the Ferens Art Gallery, opposite the Queen’s Gardens, in Hull’s city centre.

My favorite of this very cute town is the Deep! There were so many big and little fishes in it which I have never seen before in my Life. I’ve seen turtles and penguins,too. At the end of this trip here in Hull I could say that Hull is a very nice city with lots of culture and nice places in it. Maybe I will travel to Hull again and will meet my guest family where I’m staying now for three weeks.