2097: We Made Ourselves Over – FAQs

What happens if I miss the phone call on 1st Oct but still want to get involved?

You can dial 01482 50 2097 from any Hull phone box during October to talk to a character from 2097. Some lucky callers will be given the opportunity to meet a character face-to-face on a journey in an electric car. You can also join us for free pop-up screenings in Hull every weekend in October. See the full list of screenings here.

Will the phone boxes ring again?

No, the phone boxes won’t ring again after October 1st at 2pm but you can still dial in from any phone box to talk to a character from 2097.

What number do I call?

From a KCOM landline (including any phone box) dial 01482 50 2097.

From any other phone dial 01482 50 2097.

Is it free to call the number?

Our partners KCOM have made calls to 01482 50 2097 from phone boxes free.

Where the customer’s home phone package includes free local calls the call will be free from their home phone, or otherwise will be called at the standard local call rate. Calls from mobile phones will be at the standard local call rate.

How long does the phone call last?

The phone call lasts up to 10 minutes.

What happens at the screenings?

Media trucks will screen an exclusive preview of all five sci-fi films shot on location in Hull and Aarhus (Denmark), so you will see the films before they are released online. Our team with the help of Hull 2017 volunteers will be on hand to ask you about your hopes for the future of your city.

How do I get a ride in an electric car?

Electric cars are only running during weekends in October.

Dial 01482 50 2097 from the right phone box at the right time and you will be given the extra option of being picked up by a car. Spaces for the electric car journey are very limited.

To find out times and locations of these pick ups, dial 01482 50 2097 from any phone box at any time and you’re then given the option to find out where cars will be picking up people from in the coming weekend.

Or come to a screening to learn where to go.

Is the car accessible if anybody has any disability requirements?

Yes, there will be a wheelchair-friendly, bookable car experience on Sunday 29th October 2017.

To find out more about accessibility at the experience please email

How can I find out when the screenings are?

You can see the full list of screenings and sign up for local alerts at

Are the screenings accessible?

Captions will be available at all screenings.

There will be an audio described version of the films playing on Sat Oct 14th at Pickering Park 3pm – 4pm.

Chairs will be available at the screenings for those that need them.

Can I watch the films anywhere else?

A new film will be released online every weekend in October on the 2097: We Made Ourselves Over YouTube channel.

What are the films about?

The films and set 80 years into the future in a hybrid city of Hull and Aarhus (Denmark). The story follows three young girls who have to make a decision that will affect their entire city. The scripts were inspired by future workshops we held in November 2016 with residents of Hull and Aarhus before they were shot on location in both cities in summer 2017.

Where in Hull were they filmed?

– Humber Bridge
– Humber Bridge Anchorage
– Preston Road Estate
– Marshland by the Humber
– Humber Bridge water ski club
– Victoria Dock & Admiral’s steps

Also included (using VFX):

– The Deep
– The Tidal Barrier
– Saltend Chemical Plant
– The National Gas Services building on Hedon Road
– Factories along the south Clough Road

How many films are there?

There are five films in total; a new one will be released online each weekend in October along with an accompanying interactive smartphone episode.

What rating are the films?

The films are rated U for Universal.

What is the app?

The app includes the five films plus five interactive episodes that let you speak to characters from the films directly.

Where can I download the app?

You can download the app for free in the App Store or Google Play by searching ‘2097’.

For iOS devices you need to have iOS 9.0 or later installed on your device. iOS 9.0 was released on September 16, 2015.

For Android devices you need to have Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later installed on your device. Android 6.0 was released on October 5, 2015

What if I don’t live in Hull? How can I get involved?

A new film and interactive smartphone episode will be released online every weekend in October. Be sure to check back to the 2097: We Made Ourselves Over YouTube channel every Saturday to watch the latest film or download the smartphone app to receive a notification when the new film is available to watch.