Creative Resources

Artists: All Primary Schools

This year we’ve been unleashing creativity in classrooms, with our creative resources. Getting teachers comfortable with culture

Developed in collaboration with teachers we’ve taken primary school students on a journey through Hull 2017’s four seasons and artistic programme.

Designed to be used as a full week’s teaching programme or as individual lessons (we’ve done all the planning) awakening four sensational seasons of awesome art and culture into the classroom.

From learning all about what makes Hull unique, to creating their very own Freedom Festival and telling the world about it – marvellous things have been happening in schools across Hull.

We’ve prepared lessons full of colourful handouts. Pick one up and give it a go. Who knows what you’ll learn.

Artists: All Secondary Schools

Maths lessons based on Paper City, English classes inspired by Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to learning how to explore the 2017 Turner Prize exhibition – a range of secondary school resources have been produced encouraging students and teachers to explore the Hull 2017 artistic programme in and out of the classroom.

Produced in partnership with teachers and experienced educators, the resources are available for teachers to download and use.

How good is your Maths? Could you do our Paper City maths problems?