Culture In A Box

Artists: Ganton School, Northcott Special School, Tweendykes School & Sixth Form, Frederick Holmes School

Creative Director: Becca Aspin

Bringing schools alive with the sights and sounds of our four seasons!

Each season, we’ve delivered an intriguing box to Hull’s four primary special schools, giving all students there, the opportunity to experience the sights, sounds and smells of each Hull 2017 season in a fun and tailored way.

The sensory journey through our seasons began in January with Made In Hull as students discovered what makes Hull special, from caravans and windmills. During our Roots And Routes season, a suitcase filled with real-life travel-themed items arrived on their doorsteps. Freedom, was celebrated with a guitar case brimming with festival-themed memorabilia while a space age silver case, landed this season full of futuristic fun and Tell The World props from a megaphone to walkie-talkies.

Watch what happened when our Freedom box arrived at Northcott Special School.