National Art & Design Saturday Club

Artists: St Mary’s College, Newland School For Girls, Sirius Academy North, Hull Trinity House Academy, Sirius Academy West & Winifred Holtby.

Creative Director: Hull School Of Art & Design

How do you nurture the city’s artistic talents?  Do we need to do this outside of school hours?

Starting in October 2016, a 30-week creative programme of engagement, exploration and learning was offered free to young people aged 13 to 16, studying art and design.

The aim of the club is to nurture talent, build confidence and self-esteem and provide routes into further study and careers in the creative industries.

College tutors recruited 24 young people to take part in the 30-week programme of tuition which included weekly morning workshops, termly tutor meetings, masterclasses, a visit to London and the opportunity to showcase their work at Somerset House, London, and the Brodrick Gallery at the Hull School of Art & Design. 

Now in its second year, how can we continue to support creativity?