As UK City of Culture, Hull has become the centre of cultural activity and debate for the whole of the UK. 2017 has seen a 365-day programme of arts and culture, unprecedented in scale and ambition, take over Hull in a whirlwind of activity and change. This has set in motion a transformation which will see Hull regain its rightful position in the national consciousness in the years to come.

None of this would have been possible without the support of more than 80 funding partners. Already, their investment has directly enabled a huge change across the city: 3 million visits were made to Hull in the first six months of the year, 9 in 10 residents have experienced at least one Hull 2017 activity in the first season, and the city centre has seen an 83% upturn in its evening economy.

However, Hull continues to face challenges, and we believe that arts and culture can begin to tackle these challenges, from affecting change to empowering the population. What started in 2017 provides the foundation for the future.

In order to continue our work until 2020 and beyond, we’re seeking partnerships with public and private funders, trusts and foundations, businesses and individuals to help us to achieve our fundraising target of £10m. This will allow us to ensure that Hull and the region continues to have a surprising, ambitious and high quality cultural programme, known across the UK and beyond. Ongoing learning and participation initiatives will ensure that children in Hull have improved life chances. Continued sector development will allow the city’s cultural ecosystem to grow in independence, confidence and resilience. We will continue to connect communities through volunteering, with local residents empowered to make changes in their neighbourhood through active citizenship. Building on the success of 2017, Hull will cement its reputation as a cultural destination for domestic and international tourists to experience great art.

Partnership with us offers the opportunity to be positioned as supporting the legacy of Hull 2017,  associate with world-class arts and cultural activity, generate brand awareness in Hull and across the UK, build relationships and markets, engage and motivate your staff, and add value for your stakeholders, customers and clients.

To find out more about how your organisation can help us build on the change begun in 2017, please contact the partnerships team at