PRS Foundation’s New Music Biennial

Artists: Thorseby Primary School, Buckingham Primary Academy, Hull Trinity House Academy, Spring Cottage Primary School & Mersey Primary Academy.

Creative Director: PRS Foundation

Finding new music in unexpected places.

As part of New Music Biennial (NMB), a UK-wide celebration of new music, primary and secondary students had the opportunity to help research, develop and create new compositions to feature in a weekend festival.

Working with NMB performers Sam Lee, Errollyn Wallen, Mahogany Opera, Brian Irvine and Eliza Carthy students developed their own ear for sound and experimentation, pushing themselves and their creative collaborators further than they expected.

The compositions created featured in the biennial in Hull, and have been turned into Sound and Music’s new suite of Minute of Listening compositions, distributed to all schools in Hull.

What sounds can you hear in unusual spaces?