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Cult Cinema: The Room with Greg Sestero

SOCIAL, 63 Humber Street, Hull, HU1 1TU

17 May 2023





A one-of-a-kind movie-going experience with the man who survived The Room… Greg Sestero, live in person.

Join us for a special mid-week Cult Cinema screening of the hit cult classic The Room with Greg Sestero, star of the film and author of The Disaster Artist, the critically-acclaimed tell-all about the making of The Room that inspired A24’s award-winning film The Disaster Artist.

Do not miss the chance to meet Greg in person, and delve into behind-the-scenes drama and legacy of the best-worst movie ever made, as told to you by Johnny’s best friend, Mark.

THE ROOM Fondly known as ‘the Citizen Kane of bad movies’, the notoriously terrible 2003 romance/drama film starring, written by, directed and produced by Tommy Wiseau has packed out cinemas all over the world since its initial release to uniformly negative reviews 20 years ago. The unique audience-participation-fuelled screenings see audiences throwing plastic spoons at the screen, shouting out to cheer and boo at the characters, tossing an American football around and turning up dressed in tuxedos; as they celebrate a film packed with laugh-out-loud bad dialogue, acting, direction, and story.


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63 Humber Street,

Social is operated by Sesh Events UK, which runs the hugely popular annual Humber Street Sesh grassroots festival, as well as The Sesh Weekly music nights and Made in Hull, Trinity Live and Hull City Sesh Events.