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Drama Society: Spring Showcases 2023

MIDDLETON HALL, Middleton Hall, University of Hull, Cottingham Road, HU6 7RX

3 May 2023





The Evening is a collection of 6 plays, all around 20-minutes long. The show will be split into two halves with three mini plays in the first half and the other three in the second half.

Empty Holster

An angel, a wolf and a gun walk into a bar…..
Three seasoned bounty hunters walk into a bar fresh off the hunt with prize in tow, the devil himself. Each with secrets of their own and in the company of a strange French bartender will they survive the night and how will they deal with the devil.
What are they hiding? What will be revealed? Why are they so afraid of a man with an empty holster?

Night Life

Hunting down a serial killer can be pretty bloody work. Especially if you, your partner, the people you work for, and the killer all happen to be vampires. Newly-turned vampire, Vic, might be confused, awkward and a little scared, but he’s determined to find the killer who attacked him and transformed him into a creature of the night. Luckily for him, he’s not alone. Vic teams up with Steph: a cold, cynical, authority-hating investigator for the vampire’s Inquisition. Together, they’ve got a chance of solving this case – when they’re not bickering, that is.

B(l)ank job

Robbing a bank is hard, especially when your partner does not seem to be in the same world as you. And when you kill the director of the play. Accidently. Unfortunately for Jonny and Terry this is exactly that happens. In a blend of “The Play That Goes Wrong” and “Reservoir Dogs”, their bank robbery turns into a masquerade as they do their best to fool everyone, audience included, that everything is fine. Especially when two…. atypical security guards turn up to investigate.

The Government Inspecter

Set in a Russian town during the 1800s. The town gets a letter that a government inspector from St. Petersburg is coming to their town to have a look around, however a man from St. Petersburg has been seen in the village inn so everyone thinks he is the government inspector but he’s not. Will he be able to keep up the charade? Will he be found out and what happens if the real government inspector arrives?

A Beastly Tale

A Beastly Tale follows a group phone call where a group of fairy tale characters end up on the phone together and none of the characters really like each other. Secrets and lies are discovered along the way through an endless stream of the characters bitching at each other. A chaotic journey to find love.

The Gambler

John is out to make big money in a poker game against his rival, Max but he goes on a losing streak and John’s paranoid friend, Jimmy turns to drugs to try and cope with the stress of funding John’s get rich quick scheme by borrowing money from loan sharks who are on their way to pay Jimmy and John a visit and reclaim what is theirs by any means necessary.

Venue Details

Middleton Hall,
University of Hull,
Cottingham Road,

01482 465341



The versatile venue is used for classical music concerts, and with adaptable acoustics, it is also used as a surround-sound cinema and theatre space.


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