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Let me look at you

17 - 18 Jan 2019




A gay man walks through Soho, thinking over the losses and triumphs of the past 50 years of gay experience.  There, right across the street he spots a young motorcyclist parking his bike… and is impelled to cross the road and introduce himself.  Written on the fiftieth anniversary of the U.K.’s Sexual Offenses Act, which partly decriminalized sex between men, Starving Artists offers up the oft-ignored warning: things haven’t changed all that much.  Both hilarious and deeply moving, this celebration of LGBTQ+ history blends solo theatre with stand-up to glorious effect.

Written by British writer Godfrey Hamilton and performed by American actor Mark Pinkosh, Let Me Look At You premiered at the Edinburgh Festival in 2017 and has since been seen at the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival and across the UK.  Starving Artists have previously won two Fringe First awards and Pinkosh was awarded the first-ever Stage Award For Acting Excellence.  Hamilton’s prolific body of work includes over thirty plays.

Founded in Honolulu in 1983, Starving Artists, working out of Los Angeles and London, have been seen in New Zealand, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, Munich, Miami, Seattle and San Francisco, as well as across the UK.