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Mixed Media Studio Day with Ingrid Holborn

1 Jan 1970



During this full day workshop Ingrid will demonstrate a full range of painting and mixed media techniques. This includes stippling, stumbling, rolling, colourwashing, collaging, masking and more.  Once you have experimented with these by creating small pieces you will then move on to a larger composition working with what you have learnt during the morning session.

With Ingrid’s expert guidance you are then free to create to start work on your own canvas piece. Ingrid’s extensive range of paints, stencils, brushes, sponges, mark makers, papers and wide range of mixed media are provided for you to use in your artwork. You may wish to bring some ideas along or some materials, papers or magazines you have been meaning to get round to ‘doing something with’ working with for ages.  Or just come along and ‘freestyle’ and work with your imagination and whatever takes your fancy when you get here. It’s up to you.

Above all, this is a welcoming and relaxed creative day at our studio here at Traenerhus.