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Night of the Living Bassheads

POLAR BEAR MUSIC CLUB, 229 Spring Bank, Hull, HU3 1LR

27 Oct 2023



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Main Room:
Night of the Living Bassheads

Rave from Beyond the Grave

A blood curdling night of:
Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Garage, Jungle & Old School Rave Bangers

Bear Garden:
+ Malevolent Magic from Skopium Van Bear in the Caravault of Doom

As a full moon hangs in the cold dark sky, an old loathsome lycanthrope returns to his original lair to unearth a ghastly barrel of bone bending wobblers to the hordes of hungry undead, thirsty to feast on filthy, fresh bass. Steady your nerves as he unleashes a toxic brew of drum & bass, dubstep, jungle, garage and old school rave from beyond the grave. Dancefloor terror will reign supreme.

He’s even been evil enough to exhume a couple of fresh corpses for this very night to take your nightmares to a higher dimension of calamity dread. Out back, the completely cadaverous Skopium Van Bear mixes malevolent magic in the caravault of DOOM. Have your perfumed hankies at the ready ladies and gentlemen, the air will be ripe.

Come and get deranged on Derringham Street. Although, for those of a timid disposition…best not eh?

Venue Details

229 Spring Bank,

07392 391115

Pub and live music venue. Home to the Sesh.