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Passenger Car 425

13 - 14 Jun 2019



Places reserved for the most elite of elite, and imagine that… You’re one of them…’

You are cordially invited to step into the world of Project Liberty! 

One of the last safe spaces in Britain after a series of terrible events known only as ‘The Horrors’, Project Liberty serves as a gathering of the best of the best. 

But when thrust into the heart of the ‘Project Liberty Intake Extravaganza’, the event where new members are voted in, how shall you decide on who deserves admittance?

A gritty foray into the realms of justice, morality and virtue, Passenger Car 425 will grip you from start to finish…

And who knows… You may end up walking away learning more about yourself than you thought…

Want to be part of the action? Bring your smartphone and be ready to vote on how you want the show to proceed…

‘This is YOUR show, after all…