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Porosity By Sam Metz

87 GALLERY, 87 Princes Avenue, Hull, HU5 3QP

14 Apr - 24 Jun 2023



Sam Metz is a disabled and neurodivergent artist based in Hull. Their work aims to capture the unpredictable nature of disabled bodies by documenting short performances through drawing, film, animation and sculpture. They have an ongoing drawing series that references the repetitive self-soothing actions of stimming – a behaviour often associated with neurodivergent people – through mark-making.

Porosity expands Metz’s research in this area to consider how the body interacts with and responds to the landscape in relation to ideas around ecology, neurodivergence and sensory information. Looking specifically at the mudflats of the Humber Estuary, Metz creates sculpture in metal, wax, plaster, stone and Valchromat to articulate the limitations of such locations.

Subject to seasonal flux, the mudflats offer a lack of material resistance that limits the body’s ability to ‘push back’ against the terrain. These geographies are hostile due to the man-made and environmental barriers that prevent access. They do not offer space for stimming and stretching of the body, leaving the disabled body in a constant state of restraint.

Simultaneously, the work draws attention to the similarities between the twisting of the body and the undulations of the landscape and asks us to consider a harmonious space where comfort can be achieved.

In Scopic Insufficiency, a video projected onto CNC milled plywood, Metz uses a LIDAR scanner to document a walk to the Humber Estuary and a train journey to Scarborough. The technology is flawed and it fails to accurately read the complex geometry of these locations. This results in fractured landscapes that mirror the way in which Metz, as a visually impaired artist, views the environment.

Sam is an artist who makes sculptures, drawings, films and animation.

In this exhibition Sam is looking at how their body interacts with the landscape.

Sam has made art about the Humber Estuary, a body of water near where they live.

Sam has scanned walks and train journeys to make a film that speaks about technology and disability.

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