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Pride Rainbow

19 - 29 Jul 2018


Allenby Commercial have teamed up with local paper merchant G.F Smith to create a vibrant 30 metre long paper rainbow down the centre of Paragon Arcade. Georgia Allenby (design & marketing manager at Allenby Commercial) wanted to do something to celebrate/support the LGBT community over the fantastic Pride in Hull weekend. So she designed a 30m long “rainbow” to erect in their recently acquired City Centre Arcade.

Georgia reached out to local paper merchant G.F Smith about the idea, they showed immediate interest in the project and kindly offered to supply her with their famous colour plan paper for the installation.

With the invaluable help of 24 Absolutely Cultured volunteers who have been fixing the strands of paper to one another in the recently refurbished upper-floor of Unit 17 within the arcade, the Rainbow is now up and ready to be enjoyed by all. The rainbow is hanging along the highest roof truss line down the centre of the 1891 historic Arcade, and will be available for public viewing until Sunday 29th July.