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Other Ranks: Hull Jazz Festival

14 Nov 2018



Family Friendly

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Paul Taylor (trombone), Martin Jones (trumpet), Matt Smith (sax), Paul Sharpless (bass trombone), Alan Drever-Smith (percussion), Jim Higo, Michaela Higgins and John Robinson (voices)

Trombonist Paul Taylor has drawn inspiration from his Lancashire brass band roots to produce an outstanding score for John Robinson’s epic poem Other Ranks.

A celebration of the common soldier, and a celebration of words and music, Other Ranks is based loosely on the experience of the Hull Pals of WW1. After receiving rave reviews on its premiere in 2017, the piece is reprised this November to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice.

Embracing exhilarating language, original music and great performers, Other Ranks will appeal to lovers of literature, jazz and social and local history. It’s a poignant, heartfelt commemoration of all citizen soldiers of the Great War.

New Orleans funerals, Albert Ayler style wailing jazz, music hall and marching bands. Simply a brilliant marriage of words and music.” Rick Gammon, Imaginary Gardens.