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The Victory Club # 1

THE NEW ADELPHI CLUB, 89 De Grey Street, Hull, HU5 2RU

21 May 2021





The Victory Club # 1 – The Dyr Sister + Chubby Mam + Amy Scribble
Advance tickets at the bottom of this page – £5
Limited Capacity Event. 36 tickets available.

The Dyr Sister

The Dyr Sister’s Fairy-tales for the Modern Gentleman is an ever-growing compendium of anti-ballads. An evolution into a small ensemble after a time as a solo entity was inevitable in order to more effectively transmit the surreal, subversive and sometimes provocative paintings of sound that respond to the vagaries of modern life.

Combining contemporary folk with post-hiphop and electronic music genres the Dyr Sisters songs are delivered with driving percussive beats via a backdrop of strings including Viola (Sally Currie), Harp (Stephanie Halsey) and Bass Guitar (Sarah Shiels) and layered with haunting and ethereal vocal harmonies. This is a devastatingly beautiful expression of what it means to be alive and kicking and still telling tales in these bleak times.

This project brings together an outstanding collection of musicians from Kingston-Upon-Hull and the surrounding areas.

Chubby Mam

CHUBBY MAM ARE THE GREATEST SUPERGROUP EVER TO COME OUT OF THE ADELPHI CAR PARK. Featuring members of Bunkerpop, The Dyr Sister, Fire(UTF). Chubby Mam combine melodic pop, folk and the dark arts with their storytelling about local personalities , trivia and travel.

Amy Scribble

This is Amy’s debut Adelphi show…playing her tunes through voice and acoustic guitar. Think Joni Mitchell, The Staves, Kate Bush & Laura Marling.

“Out of adversity comes opportunity”…

It’s great to welcome you back inside The Adelphi Club after being locked down for a year.
Every band or artists starts somewhere and more often than not, in this part of the world, it’s here at The Adelphi Club. We’re the first rung on the music ladder!

We’ve put together 21 gigs giving bands an opportunity to take to the Adelphi stage in front of a socially distanced audience. Small gigs to a small crowd, small victories! This should be fun!

We’re calling it The Victory Club. That’s what our club was originally called. Built in the 1880’s it was named The Victory Club in 1923, almost 100 years ago, as an Ex-Serviceman’s Club for WWI veterans.

We hope you can join us to celebrate the New Wave of Hull musicians. Hear and There. Sounds from Everywhere!

Venue Details

89 De Grey Street,

01482 348216

Iconic live music venue. One of the UK's most celebrated underground clubs.


Wheelchair Access