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What Is… Light?

7 Mar 2018

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A cross-discipline arts event held in a secret but intimate location. A What Is? event typically features visual artists, writers, musicians, performers, mysterious sound and lighting and a leap into the unknown.

Part exhibition, part performance, here’s something that you may never have experienced before. Artists are paired. One creates, one responds. Both reflect on the chosen theme and go on their own journey of self-inquiry and reflection.

Artists are not provided with a brief; rather, they are provided with the theme and provided with an opportunity to create work in response to someone working in a different discipline resulting in absolute creative freedom albeit within some parameters.

Previous What Is? events have taken place in rediscovered spaces, such as an old shop, heritage space, a disused office, somewhere with a view, a forgotten but amazing space no longer in use, spaces that are intimate and offer an unexpected adventure.

The result is as satisfying to audience members as it is to those creating the work. This promises to be a memorable occasion in the company of a collective of artists seeking new ways to work.

Audience members will be informed of the meeting point for the event 48 hours before the event via email.

Get involved: For this event What Is? Collective would like to ask you to submit a word (or words) that will be used as inspiration for creating new pieces of work and incorporated into writing that will be performed at the event. Submit to @whatiscollectiv or via the What Is? website.